Victim's, immediate family members or appointed representatives may request notification of offender status changes at critical stages of a case. A request must be made in writing by returning a Crime Victim Notification Request Form to an Intervention Case Manager or Victim Services Specialist.

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The Colorado Constitution requires that victims of certain crimes have the right to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. They also have the right to be present, heard and informed about certain critical stage events for those offenders who are under probation supervision.


The Victim Services Division at Intervention, Inc. has the responsibility of providing notification services and assistance to those victims of crime that have opted in for services. This division comprises of a victim services director, three VALE Grant funded victim services specialists and 2 case managers/victim service specialists. Their role is to ensure that the Colorado Crime Victim Rights Amendment (VRA) is followed and enforced in the respective offices. Currently, the victim services specialists have over 300 victim notification (VNOT) cases throughout our field offices and community corrections facilities. Those victims that have opted in for notification are provided a variety of critical stage event notifications including, but not limited to, initial notifications, revocations, warrants and terminations. The Victim Services Division also provides victims with community referrals, assistance with accessing financial resources like Crime Victim Compensation, protection orders and information about the criminal justice system.


Three of the victim services specialists are grant funded from the Victim Assistance Law Enforcement Fund (VALE). Specifically, the victim advocates in the Boulder/Longmont, Golden and Westminster field offices receive funding to provide these needed services for victims whose offenders are sentenced by the District and County Courts. This funding also allows Intervention to pursue victim training opportunities. Please contact this unit for all victim service needs. For more information related the VALE program and additional victim services in this community, please go to this link:



Every year Intervention celebrates and provides awareness to the issues that affect the crime victims we serve and initiates a fundraising campaign. We utilize the charitable donations of employees and vendors that we do business with on a daily basis, which helps us be the vendor of choice in the Colorado criminal justice system.


During the month of April, a week is designated as Crime Victim Rights Week and October is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All across the country events occur to honor and remember victims of crime. At Intervention, Inc. we provide an opportunity for our employees to participate in a "jeans week" in which employees can pay $5.00 per day to wear appropriate jeans to work. Most recently, we have started a "Flip-Flop Friday" during the summer in which employees can wear flip flops to work. Their donations go directly to the Victim Assistance Emergency Fund which helps victims of crime with limited financial assistance.


We have initiated fundraising campaigns to serve victims of crime with a one-time service that no other similar organization does, to be the vendor of choice and to be a leader in the field of providing criminal and social justice services.

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