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         Honesty and Integrity     


                      Compassion and Empathy                   

                          Accountability and Responsibility

Not just words. This is who and what we are.  This is how we treat our clients and our employees.

What to expect from Intervention

We seek hands-on professionals who are excited about actively contributing to both our company’s and their clients’ ongoing success. If you are excited to roll up your sleeves and help us all move forward, then we’d love to welcome you into Intervention.

Many staff find the challenge of working with the unique clients that we serve – offenders from within the criminal justice system- to be immensely rewarding.

Our staff enjoys the opportunity to help others through modeling and supporting positive behavior in our clients.


As a Colorado-based non-profit, you can expect …

      Focus on improving the lives of our clients

     The reward in your heart will be bigger than the reward in your wallet

What we expect from our staff

We seek employees we can trust to help us achieve our mission and embody our values.  Our staff holds the responsibility of modeling the pro-social, positive behavior we expect of our client. We look for employees with:

Respect and Compassion – Our clients deserve service from empathetic professionals who see them as people.

Integrity – We expect people on our team to work hard and notify us of any issues. We look for people with good references and solid work        histories.

Pride – People who take pride in their work provide a higher quality of service. We look for people who love what they do and have a strong work ethic.

Professional Growth – We provide ongoing training to make sure our employees continuously grow and learn.

Do you want to

            Make a difference?

            Make our communities safer?

            Support positive behavior changes?

            Have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally?

            Be part of a non-profit with locations across the state of Colorado?

Do our values speak to you?

Because they are important to us and are incorporated into all that we do.  We treat others - clients and staff – with dignity and respect

  • Our programs and services enhance client and employee success, incorporate evidence-based best practices and meet or exceed industry standards

  • We are dedicated to providing highest quality customer service

  • We have a commitment to ongoing professional growth and development for our staff – over 75% of our managers were promoted from within.   All employees are required to attend professional development/training annually.

  • Maintain a work environment that promotes understanding, courtesy and equality.

  • Quarterly Feedback and Development sessions with managers support timely, career  growth focused feedback


If this sounds appealing to you, then Intervention could be the place for you!

Then Intervention is the place for You!

What we do - Our services include private probation, sobriety and electronic monitoring, community corrections and victims services across the state of Colorado.


We are Mission and Values driven every day.

Our mission: “To enhance client success and public safety through quality integrated services and collaboration with community partners.” 

We do this by incorporating the most current theories and techniques focusing on positive behavior change to enhance our client’s success.


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