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Hours of operation

Monday – Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm

Closed on Fridays


C3 is a place for the community resources of Jefferson County to come together for one common goal.  To make it easier for clients in Jefferson County to reach the resources and services they need.

C3 is a safe space for those seeking resources and change.  

11011 W. 6th Ave (2nd floor)

Remington Building

Lakewood, CO  80215 


For additional information email

Morgan Pass, Supervisor

Our Vision

To be a hub for connecting the delivery of existing community, county and municipal resources and services.


This leads to better outcomes for those who are served, by reducing barriers to their success. 

Our Values

C3 is committed to safety, service, respect, inclusivity, empowering individuals, health and well-being. 

Our Mission

To work cooperatively and collaboratively

to provide referrals, resources, and services to Jefferson County justice-involved individuals, in a single location. 

Concrete Wall

Resources Available:

Resources Needs Assessment will be completed for all clients referred


•Mental Health

•Photo ID/Drivers License



•Housing Resources

•Sober Living

•Peer Support Specialists

•Job Search Assistance

•Food and Clothing



•Trade/Life skills

•Life skills

•Financial Management

•Veterans Assistance

•Legal Resources

•Note:  this is not an exhaustive list of resources available. 

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