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Electronic Monitoring Services


Intervention utilizes the most comprehensive and innovative technology, offering a full range of technology monitoring services to various entities within the criminal justice system.  This tool offers the courts, probation and pretrial agencies alternative community-based options and allows the defendant to maintain employment, engage in treatment and comply with other court orders/conditions.   


The purpose of the electronic monitoring sentence, whether an alternative sentence or as a condition of probation, is two-fold: (1) to assist clients by providing guidance and structure for attaining treatment, employment, victim aid, and other types of court ordered services, and (2) to provide alternative sentencing options, in lieu of jail. 


Electronic Monitoring may be imposed as a condition for pretrial defendants, a continuation of a work release sentence, a stipulation for defendants who receive early release and for post-conviction. The purpose of pretrial supervision is to ensure the appearance of the person and the safety of other persons in the community. In contrast, after conviction, electronic monitoring serves a variety of purposes, as an alternative sentence or condition of probation. 


CAM, House Arrest and Remote Breath services are available at all Intervention Field Services locations.


If you are an agency, interested in setting up electronic monitoring services through Intervention, please contact:


Julie Stransky

Executive Director Field Services


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