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Survivors Against Violence Everywhere™ - SAVE

The National Survivor Empathy Panel™

Contact: (303) 450-6000 Hours: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (MST)

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Survivor Empathy Panel Schedule

Wednesday May 23rd, 2024

SV Panel Fort Collins

Wednesday July 24th, 2024

DV Panel Trinidad

Wednesday August 7th, 2024

DV Panel Alamosa



Please check with your Probation Officer/Case Manager or Treatment Provider for Details


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The weather conditions and COVID-19 may affect the panel schedule.  Please check back for confirmed dates and locations or contact us at 303-450-6000 Ext. 43

Survivors Against Violence Everywhere and the Survivor Empathy Panel is a production of Intervention, Inc.  The Survivor Empathy Panel is trademarked and copyrighted.  All rights reserved 2024.







Panel Information and Requirements

Only Court or PO/TX Ordered Clients are Allowed to Attend Panels

Please Bring the Following:

  1. PO/Therapist Referral Sheet

  2. PO/Therapist Business Card

  3. Money Order Payable to INTERVENTION (No Cash)

  4. A State/Military Picture ID


Program Policies:

  • Registration 30 minutes prior to panel start-check with probation or parole officer, case manager or treatment provider approval

  • Pre-Registration by Probation, Parole Officer or TX Only

  • All attendees must be enrolled in a DVOMB or SOMB Certified Treatment Agency


  • Attendees must remain for entire program for a certificate of completion to be given

  • If attendees leave during the program they will not be allowed to return

  • No refunds of any kind

  • No cell phones or wireless usage of any kind allowed

  • No recording of any kind

  • No children or guests allowed

  • Smoking and eating prohibited

  • Sleeping is prohibited

  • Disruptions of any kind will result in immediate expulsion and probation officer will be notified

  • Attendees suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave and your probation officer will be notified

  • Security may be present during panel

SAVE Panel Referral

SAVE Panel Referral

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