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Survivors Against Violence Everywhere™ - SAVE

The National Survivor Empathy Panel™

Contact: (303) 450-6000 Hours: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (MST)

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Survivor Empathy Panel Schedule

Wednesday January 31, 2024

Virtual DV Panel


Please check with your Probation Officer/Case Manager or Treatment Provider for Details

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The weather conditions and COVID-19 may affect the panel schedule.  Please check back for confirmed dates and locations or contact us at 303-450-6000 Ext. 43

Survivors Against Violence Everywhere and the Survivor Empathy Panel is a production of Intervention, Inc.  The Survivor Empathy Panel is trademarked and copyrighted.  All rights reserved 2024.







Panel Information and Requirements

Only Court or PO/TX Ordered Clients are Allowed to Attend Panels

Please Bring the Following:

  1. PO/Therapist Referral Sheet

  2. PO/Therapist Business Card

  3. Money Order Payable to INTERVENTION (No Cash)

  4. A State/Military Picture ID


Program Policies:

  • Registration 30 minutes prior to panel start-check with probation or parole officer, case manager or treatment provider approval

  • Pre-Registration by Probation, Parole Officer or TX Only

  • All attendees must be enrolled in a DVOMB or SOMB Certified Treatment Agency


  • Attendees must remain for entire program for a certificate of completion to be given

  • If attendees leave during the program they will not be allowed to return

  • No refunds of any kind

  • No cell phones or wireless usage of any kind allowed

  • No recording of any kind

  • No children or guests allowed

  • Smoking and eating prohibited

  • Sleeping is prohibited

  • Disruptions of any kind will result in immediate expulsion and probation officer will be notified

  • Attendees suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave and your probation officer will be notified

  • Security may be present during panel

SAVE Panel Referral

SAVE Panel Referral

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