Intervention's Mission

To enhance client success and public safety through quality integrated services and collaboration with community partners

A message from Intervention Inc. About Covid-19

Intervention, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation, has provided Colorado with quality criminal justice services for over 30 years. COVID-19 is proving to be a challenge across the globe and especially so for criminal justice providers whose facilities and operations were not designed for a pandemic. COVID-19 affects everyone involved in the criminal justice system: clients receiving our services, family members of clients, victims of crime, and our dedicated and hardworking staff members.


Intervention has proactively implemented an outstanding prevention and management plan for all services it provides. Intervention’s plan implemented all CDC, federal, Colorado and local health department guidelines as they were released. Intervention worked with community officials to assure that the safety of our staff, clients and the public is at the forefront of our operations.


Intervention is committed to a team effort to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19. We are proud of our dedicated staff and the high quality essential criminal justice services they continue to provide.

Organization Core Values


Treat clients and the community with dignity and respect. Demonstrate cultural competency in all services and interactions.


Honesty and Integrity

Demonstrate trustworthiness with clients, the community, and each other.


Accountability and Responsibility

Develop, implement and sustain programs and services that enhance client success and accountability. Follow through with agency commitments and agreements regarding program services. Collaborate with all agency partners in the delivery of services to ensure continuity of care and client success.


Seek to support and provide staff with training, on-going administrative support and the tools necessary to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible, while focusing on client success, accountability and community safety.

Strive to allocate the resources necessary to maintain a reasonable staff to client ratio. Provide highest quality customer service at all levels.


Compassion and Empathy

Work to maintain a professional work environment that promotes understanding, courtesy and equality. Interact with clients, victims, staff and the community with understanding, courtesy, and fairness.To develop victim services programming through the development of grants, research informed practices, enhanced training, and/or volunteers/interns


Kelly Sengenberger

Chief Executive Officer

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

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Julie Stransky

Executive Director of

Field Services

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

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Brian Hulse

Executive Director of Intervention Community Corrections Services

1651 Kendall, 

Lakewood Co 80214



Randy Saucedo

Director of Victim Services

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

Lakewood, CO 80215



About Us


Intervention, Inc. was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Colorado in June 1986 with its administrative office in Lakewood, Colorado. It is a fiscally sound organization, founded on the offender-funded concept.  Intervention provides a unique corrections program that has an established history of providing jurisdictions in Colorado with viable alternative sentencing programs. The growth of our program is compelling evidence of the respect, credentials, and credibility that Intervention has established as a provider of private probation/correctional services.


Intervention’s purpose since inception has been the provision of non-residential and later, residential community correction services to jurisdictions in the State of Colorado. With administrative and statutory authority to enter into formal agreements with state, county and municipal entities, Intervention’s focus has been the development of expertise in:

The supervision of lower risk offenders and special populations and comprehensive crime victim services for state, county and local probation departments.

The development of pre and post-sentence programs, primarily electronic home monitoring, drug collection/use detection technology and global positioning tracking systems designed to address jail management issues. Intervention collaborates with system players in the design, planning and implementation of electronic home monitoring programs.

The development of residential community corrections programs for diversion and transition offenders including services to offenders with mental illness, substance abuse treatment, education services, cognitive skill building and employment skills. Intervention has served JeffersonCounty since 2002 and WeldCounty since 2008.Intervention planned, developed and opened a female offender only facility for JeffersonCounty in 2011, including services to technical parole violators and female work-release clients.


The development and provision of short term alternative residential treatment (up to 90 days) and services for adult post sentence offenders diagnosed with a co-occurring diagnosis at both our male and female facilities. We have provided theses services to probation and recovery court since 2008.


The development and implementation of drug collection, testing, and monitoring programs for all levels of the Criminal Justice System in which Drug Testing Technicians monitor and collect urine specimens, breathalyzers, and monitor antabuse, as well as work with supervising agents regarding offender compliance issues, as is the case in the 1st, 7th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 19th, and 20th Judicial District Probation Departments. This effort includes the use of alternative drug detection technologies such as SleepTime, Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring  (In-Home/SoberLink) and Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (TAD/SCRAM), in some jurisdictions, as examples.

As part of our probation and community corrections services, Intervention provides comprehensive crime victim assistance and services for those victims whose offenders are supervised at our field services offices or housed at our community corrections facilities.  Our victim services division provides statutorily mandated critical stage event notifications, community referrals and services.


The implementation of licensed treatment programs per the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) for DUI and other offender populations.  Intervention Clinical Services is a non-profit treatment entity that delivers DUI and other evidence based treatment programming to offenders in residential community corrections as well as offenders under supervision in the community.


Intervention has not extended itself beyond the probation/technology/corrections specialty areas and concentrates all  our efforts and resources in these service areas.


Intervention currently serves a statewide probation caseload of over 8,000 felony, misdemeanor and DUI offenders.  Intervention also electronically monitors an average of 350 offenders per day, equaling approximately 67,000 detention days per year.  In addition, the various other corrections programs add another 500 active clients, resulting in a total offender population of about 8,850 active clients. The offender, not the taxpayer, primarily funds these programs.  This allows Intervention to offer services to jurisdictions that are unable to finance a multi-faceted alternative sentencing program.


Program operations are guided by detailed Policies and Procedures, which specify the duties and responsibilities of the employees delivering services in the Intervention offices. Qualifications for Case Managers include a four-year degree in Criminal Justice or a related field, and/or equivalent experience in the Criminal Justice Field. Background investigations are conducted on all staff prior to hiring.


Intervention maintains an organizational structure that emphasizes: a) efficient and effective lines of communication; b) efficient, effective and collaborative decision making at all levels of the organization and c) a team approach to organizational programming. This structure is designed to enhance the development and implementation of policies and procedures that are consistent with local jurisdiction expectations and maximize efficient/effective delivery of services to the Probation Department, the Court, the offender and the community.


As a non-profit entity, Intervention, Inc. focuses its resources on the operation of its contracts, resulting in a more diverse and experienced management/operational team. Our non-profit status enables Intervention to focus resources on a wider range of quality criminal justice programs to assist agencies in developing and implementing solutions to their criminal justice challenges and support operations in its offices.