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· Acknowledge the dignity of every individual 

· Demonstrate cultural awareness 


· Demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness with clients, the community and each other 

· Act in an ethical manner 


· Delivery of courteous, quality customer service 

· Fair and consistent with policy accordance 

· Provide the information necessary for all to do their jobs 

· Communicate effectively at all levels 


· Recognize the lived experience of others 

· Interact with people where they are at in the moment 

· Trauma informed 


· Desire for ongoing learning 

· Actively listening and learning roles of others 

· Seek to understand and to be understood 


· Support and provide staff with comprehensive training and tools 

· Display highest level of service delivery 

· Demonstrate and embody the mission and values 

· Adhere to policy and procedures 

· Effectively address and resolve conflicts 

Together at the Top

Our Mission

To remove barriers and positively change the lives of the justice-involved, we follow the ABCs:


Achieve the best outcomes for our clients 

Be a leader in quality, integrated services 

Create solutions with our community partners 

Our Vision

Communities without recidivism, trauma, and addiction 


About Us

Intervention, Inc. was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Corporation  in June 1986, providing In-home Detention monitoring for criminal justice agencies throughout Colorado. 


In 1990, Intervention, Inc became the first, and only,  non-profit entity to provide Private Probation Services in Colorado. Since then, we have become the leading provider for Private Probation, technology monitoring, UA services and specialty programs such as Inmate-Outmate and High- Risk DUI (HRD), in Colorado.  


We currently provide services in the following Counties: Jefferson, Pueblo, Fremont, Chaffee, Park, Adams, Broomfield, Weld and Boulder. 


In 2002, Intervention, Inc. opened our first community corrections program in Jefferson County, becoming the only non-profit agency, in Colorado, to provide these services.  We currently provide community corrections services in Jefferson, Pueblo, Weld, Adams and Boulder Counties.

Marble Surface


Vicki Normoyle-Hipp

Chief Executive Officer

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

Lakewood, CO 80215

Julie Stransky

Executive Director of

Field Services

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

Lakewood, CO 80215

​Brian Hulse

Executive Director of

Intervention Community

Corrections Services

1651 Kendall, 

Lakewood CO 80214

Randy Saucedo

Director of

Victim Services

12600 W. Colfax Ave,

Suite B-410

Lakewood, CO 80215

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