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Address: 390 Lashley Street, Longmont, CO 80504  (303) 772-4494


Office Hours:  

                        Monday- Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm closed daily from 12 - 1 for lunch, 
Monitoring Hours for Urine Screens and Breath Testing:

                        Monday- Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm closed daily from 12 - 1 for lunch,

X - Service is available at this location.




     Antabuse Monitoring        

 X Breath Test Monitoring         

    Residential Community Corrections        

    Non-Residential Community Corrections        

    Criminal Mediation        

    GPS Monitoring        

 X In Home Detention        

    Inmate / Outmate Supervision        

    Life Skills        

    Supervised Release Program (Pretrial Release)        

 X Probation Supervision        

 X Restorative Justice        

 X SCRAM        


 X Soberlink        

    TAD Monitoring        

 X Urine Screen Monitoring        

    Useful Public Service        

 X Victim Services        




Contact information:

Cheryl Burns- 303-544-1840 or


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