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ICCS Pueblo

Address: 1901 N. Hudson  Pueblo, CO 81003  (719) 569-3020


Office Hours:  24 Hours


Monitoring Hours for Urine Screens and Breath Testing

7:00am - 11:30pm 7 days/Week

Programs Offered at this Facility 



Transition - Transition residents are referred by the Department of Corrections (DOC) and are placed at ICCS prior to their 

sentence discharge, release to Parole, or release to the Inmate Intensive Supervision Program, under supervision of the 

Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Parole and Community Corrections.


Diversion - Diversion residents are placed in the program as a condition of their probation or as a direct sentence. Diversion 

clients who successfully complete the residential portion of the program move to non-residential supervision where they 

progress toward independent living utilizing community support and services.


Non-Residential - Diversion clients who successfully complete the terms and condition of the residential program progress to the ICCS non-residential program. On this level of supervision, clients have demonstrated an acceptable level of responsibility and ability to live independently in the community. Most non-residential clients continue in prescribed treatment on an aftercare basis and many continue to pay restitution and/or participate in other activities.


Condition of Parole (COP) - ICCS provides services to parolees either as a condition of their parole ordered by the State Parole Board, or as a new parolee lacking an appropriate residence in the community.


START - The Short Term Alternative Residential Treatment program (up to 90 days) is a collaborative program for the 

Seventh Judicial District  Probation and Recovery Court clients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness and substance abuse disorders. The program is specifically designed to help those struggling with housing, mental health, and treatment options.



Contact information:

Program Manager - Alison Warren,

Referral and Placement Inquires: 

(303) 815-9271 or


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